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Quintrex Aluminium Boats For Sale

Quintrex aluminium boats, boasts the largest market share of boat sales in the Australian boat specialist category. Quintrex has adopted a unique hull designed for a smoother and drier ride on the water

The Millenium hull possesses a dead rise that can happen exclusively with the Quintrex stretch making process which allows aluminum to form shapes that used to only be possible with fiberglass. The water is kept out of the cockpit due to the concavities in the hull of the boat, and the shape of the bow, which helps the boat ride high in the water. You get a smoother ride when it's choppy. This is incredible technology only achieved by Quintrex.

Most boats are designed with a flotation leveler which keeps the boat a float even when it has be fully covered over by water. The passengers and crew are allowed to stay upright in the boat while waiting for help to arrive. You are safer if you are sitting in a swamped boat and you will panic less in the situation.

The aluminium boats Quintrex manufacture have more depth and width than comparable aluminum boats, which provides greater reliability, flexibility, and storage room. This attribute aids to the safety of you and your family.

You are bound to find exactly the right boat for your needs out of the 72 models there are to choose from. In fact, you are spoiled for choice if anything at all. You could enjoy a family day out with one of the well known Quintrex aluminium boat - Coastrunner, available from 4.4. Up to a limit of six. About 43 meters or differently using Bowrider. The Hornet is best for fishing in shallow water. The 435 can seat two, and has two rod holders, casting platforms fore and aft that have storage bins, a live bait tank, and it comes with a Lowrance Sounder.

The Quintrex Topender is the only boat when you want the best fisherman's boat. There are four different types.4 to 5.9 sizes, and also the 4.2 CV. These boats can be used even in tough places.The boat design facilitates so. The Topender can fish in any kind of water - creeks, estuaries or open bays. If you want the open sea then they do not come better than the Quintrex Offshore range, which is a series of 6.Its the first choice for most inland waterway fishermen.3 and 6.7 metre boats, with the choice of stern driven petrol or diesel, or outboard driven petrol.

Differential engine power boats; 120 HP diesel or Petrol Stern driven 220 HP or outboard 150 HP petrol driven are the options for 630 Offshore Ocean Sport Offshore boats also offer aluminum rocket launchers, a 230 litre under floor fuel tank, a live bait tank, and a kill tank. There are a lot of other wonderful features and many other choices besides the engines.

If you want a relatively cheap punt for tender work or to go camping, buy one of Quintrex's Explorer or Traveller boats. Although not specifically fitted for fishing, there are individual options that module equip them to a good standard, including casting platform and rod holders. The Explorer Trophy, on the other hand, is primed fitted for fishing, and a cheaper choice that fitting to run it discover yourself. Model and size, such as the Travelers and Explorers, are powered from 6 HP up to 40 HP.

These digit ranges are constructed using the Eclipse hull: a V-nose design, allowing a wider shine forward. The design of the boat makes it more stable.So the drive will be smooth while boat is stationary or in motion.
This is another flared hull design that was created using the stretch forming method patented by Quintrex.

This is the short knowledge regarding the quintrex range. You should have a look at the alternatives so you can see what else is out there. Quintrex has all sorts of aluminium boats to fit your needs, including Cabin boats and regular tinnie punts.